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Zildjian K Custom Dark Pack


The greatest cymbals to ever come out of the Zildjian factory?


If you’ve hit a cymbal, you know the Zildjian K series. The Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals are an incredible modern twist on a classic, being widely used across many genres due to their versatility, warm, dark but still rich enough to cut through any musical application. The K Custom Dark series respond well with clear stick definition allowing players to articulate every stroke without getting bogged down with too much wash.


The hats sound fatter, closer to a larger diameter cymbal like a 15” or 16” but respond true to their size for fast and accurate hi hat control. Clean cutting crashes perfect for quick response and attack through the thickest of musical noise and a ride that has the perfect balance of stick articulation and wash.

Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals are very unique tonally, with dark overtones and subtle trashy characteristics are by far the most fun cymbals to lay into in any musical application.

Whether playing live or recording, The Zildjian K Custom Dark are some of the greatest cymbals to come out of the Zildjian factory ever.



This article was written by Brin who works at the Erina store, for more info or to chat to Brin email him at 

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