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Tunebot Studio

Anyone who has ever recorded or even set up drums in a recording studio knows that it can be one of the longest and most frustrating processes in the whole recording process. However without great drum sounds, most recordings fail to meet their expectations and can often frustrate all involved.


Imagine setting up your kit, mic'ing it all up, getting the perfect tunings for all your tubs and finally EQ'ing it to perfection only to come back the next day and those pesky fresh heads you just tuned up have stretched and just don't sound the way they did the day before? Enter the Tunebot Studio, a simple clip on gadget that allows you to:

And also features

  • LCD Display
  • Measure pitch as frequency and note
  • Filter Mode to avoid false reading
  • Difference Mode for easier matching

The beauty is in its simplicity. There isn't really such thing as a drum tuner considering that the sound of a tuned drum is entirely subjective. Think of the Tunebot more as a mini computer that can store YOUR favourite tuning so you can recall them whenever you like. Add in the ability to match the pitch at each lug and store and recall up to 5 kits, each with 10 drums each , and you've got a tool in your arsenal that will save you hours, give you confidence and perfect your sound.

We cannot recommend the Tunebot Studio any more highly and at $178 we think its a bargain price for a perfect drum sound.

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