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Sharleen Agudelo main image

Sharleen aka Shaz in the Shop started with Macron in 2017 with a goal of keeping the boys in line, taking away some of the admin from Ant and helping customers with any and all instrument enquiries. A passionate bass player, Sharleen keeps the walking bass line ticking over throughout the Macron walls. Finding her musical feet as a child, Sharleen's dad was a drummer and taught her how to keep a beat and play rhythms on bongs and other drums. Later finding the Bass, Shazy switched to a life of bass licks instead of drum kicks!

When not at Macron, Sharleen loves being arty/crafty, chillin' with her man, cooking, watching docos, catching Marlin, chasing waterfalls, hiking, exploring nature, road trips, yoga, drinking beer, grazing on cheese platters and just eating food in general!!