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Roland TD17KVX

One of our most popular products, the Roland TD17KVX is finally back in stock. COVID has played havoc with global supply chains but this particular model has been a hard one to be without. The Roland TD17KVX is by far and away one of our highest selling products in any category and is probably one of the most sophisticated products in its price point that we have ever seen!

Designed using the research and development that has ended up in the Roland VAD series, the Roland TD17KVX boasts a larger 12 inch snare trigger and the TD17 brain (upgraded from its predecessor the TD11 and packed with heaps more features.) The Roland TD17KVX needs a real Hi-Hat stand (of your choice but unfortunately not included) and an improved Kick Trigger tower for ultimate control and maximum feel.

One of the most impressive features of the TD17 brain is its ability to take external samples via SD card which are editable (length and start/end points + more) in the brain itself. You want to bring in the snare drum from St Anger (Why would anyone?) you can do it in under 30 seconds. You can even load up background samples or ambience like you would on an SPDSX except you don't need one!

Become a better drummer, faster with the Roland TD17KVX. Contact Danny and the team today to answer any questions and secure yours.



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