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If you’ve decided for any reason that your Macron purchase isn’t quite right for you, you’re welcome to return it to us within 30 days, as long as the items are in ‘as new’ condition. To put it simply, we need to be able to resell the item, so it needs to meet certain quality standards. Of course, you’ll need proof of purchase too, which we email out with every order. You will also need to include a picture of the product before a change of mind return can be approved. If the item is packaged then please also take a photo of the item packaged as well as unpackaged. This can be done in the form below.

All products sold by Macron Music have a comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty in place. If you have an item that is faulty and under warranty we will do everything we can to make it right. With that said, there are a few key conditions to consider.

Repair or Replace:

  • Under the law, if there’s a fault with your purchase, we have an obligation to remedy it. The first step in this process is for us to get the item back from you - we are responsible for arranging this, and we will cover the cost of freight in this instance.

For units under warranty:

  • Once we’ve received the returned item, it will be thoroughly tested to verify the fault. From this point, if we are able to verify it, we will make a determination as to whether to repair or replace the item you’ve purchased. This decision is based on which option will be fastest for the customer. Our team will keep you informed throughout this process. Only if neither option is possible, within a reasonable timeframe, will a refund be offered.

Voiding your warranty:

  • If you have deliberately misused a purchased item, or if it has been repaired by anyone other than an authorised warranty repair technician, this voids your warranty. Similarly, Macron Music/the product manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by accident, fire, or other adverse conditions after you’ve received it. If we find evidence of a voided warranty when inspecting your item, you will be given the choice of paying for repair work, or to have the item returned as-is.

What if nothing is wrong?:

  • If we receive an item for inspection, but cannot verify the fault, the owner may be billed for the full return freight. This means that you will be invoiced by us for the cost of picking the unit up from you, and the cost of returning it to you.

Return Request Form - Complete this form to begin the RMA process.

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