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QSC is a brand known and loved by professional musicians, venues and installers around the world. Chosen by professionals and desired by everyone, their elite range has always delivered when it comes to sound, style and operating features, but QSC has been somewhat out of reach of entry-level customers.  Until now...

The CP Series, announced at 10.01am today - October 1, 2018 is the newest and most affordable speaker range ever created by QSC, and the Macron Music team were lucky enough to get our hands and ears wrapped around both the 8" and 12" models (CP8 and CP12) at a recent visit to Jands, their Australian distributor. We met with and discussed the range with QSC management that had flown in to show us the CP Series. We played loud music, plugged in a guitar and sang (badly) through a microphone all at the same time - something this speaker does with no other interface required and something that paired with the brand name QSC is thoroughly exciting.

Lightweight speakers with D Class amplification have changed the way performers setup and approach their PA needs. Both CP Series speakers - the CP8 and CP12 push out a whopping 800W for the low end doof-doof and 200W for the high-pitched tweet-tweet.

The CP8 and CP12 have inherited their balanced sound profile from their older siblings in the K2 series and the decades of research and development, meaning that the CP Series offers great and accurate sound, even at extremely high volumes. This is another thing we pushed in our first demo of the CP series. Even when you push the CP Series - they sound exacting and precise.

So, why are these QSC speakers cheaper than the other ranges from QSC? The QSC CP Series are designed to work, straight out of the box. That means they have few options or controls to setup your sound, you simply plug in your line level, instrument or microphone input, turn up the gain, set your pre-set EQ curve (choose from Default, Contour, Default Extra Sub, Dance, Dance Extra Sub, Floor Monitor or Speech) and project your music - your way!

Musical moments in time matter. Whether you are getting married, having a party or just need some sound to amplify the instruments you love, QSC is a brand you can trust. I am not just talking about trusting that they will work, but trusting that they will provide you with a perfectly professional sound solution every time you switch them on.

If you love music and need to amplify your chosen sounds, QSC CP Series will do it all for you simply, easily and without any roadies required! The CP8 and CP 12 are now in store at Macron Music, so come into the shop to hear them for yourselves, or click the links below to visit their product pages.

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