Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal draws from the rich Zildjian history and cymbal making expertise to bring forth the most authentic Vintage K recreation to date. The Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal is a Hand crafted cymbal that looks as it sounds, dark and complex. Named after Kerope Zildjian, who presided over one of the most storied periods in Zildjian history. Each cymbal is meticulously crafted using a 14-step process that encompasses the best of everything Zildjian has learned in 390 years of cymbal making. The Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal is reminiscent of cymbals from the 50's and 60's, yet distinctly modern and relevant for today's music. The Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal has a traditional finish, dark sound, general volume, low pitch, long sustain and a thin weight. This cymbal is perfect for all types of music that require a traditional "old school sound". Great for country, rock, pop and jazz the Zildjian 19 inch Kerope Crash Cymbal can do it all. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLWkMMuQEMI[/embedyt] IMPORTANT CARE FOR YOUR A AVEDIS AND KEROPE CYMBALS Attention: This cymbal was hand-crafted in the USA and uses special processes that give this cymbal its unique character and looks. Color variations are a normal part of this very unique cymbal. A Avedis and Kerope cymbals undergo a proprietary aging process that adds to their tonality and character. DO NOT CLEAN THIS CYMBAL USING CYMBAL CLEANER OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF CLEANING PRODUCT . DO NOT STORE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ELEVATED TEMPERATURES . ONLY STORE  AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. DO NOT LABEL OR PUT ANYTHING ON TOP OF THE PATINA FINISH. This may alter the finish of your cymbal in unintended ways. Click Here For More Info From Zildjian Click here for more information