Mixing multiple channels has never been easier, thanks to the Soundcraft Notepad 8Fx Mixing Console With USB I/O + Fx. This portable unit combines professional-grade analog components, Lexicon® effects, and a built-in USB audio interface so all you need is your Mac or PC with editing software and you're good to start recording/broadcasting. Normally if you're looking to record or output audio from your computer, you'd have to make some sort of compromise between convenience and portability. You could either lug around a big mixer as well as your interface, or otherwise limit yourself to a couple of inputs and do your mixing within whichever software you use. While that might get the job done, you don't always have time to delve into your software mixer while you're mid performance. The Soundcraft Notepad 8Fx Mixing Console With USB I/O + Fx gives you full tactile access at anytime to a 100Hz highpass filter, hi-Z input, and 3-band EQ as well as all your levels. It also offers best-in-class features like Lexicon® effects, so you can bring a level of polish to your creative productions that’s sure to impress. If you're looking for an ultimate solution for portable audio recording, the Soundcraft Notepad 8Fx Mixing Console With USB I/O + Fx will give you fantastic audio quality, convenient features and plenty of options.


  • A compact 8-channel mixer that's great for mixing onstage or recording in your home studio
  • Includes 2 microphone preamplifiers with phantom power, 100Hz highpass filters, and 3-band EQs
  • Channel 1 includes a hi-Z instrument-level input for running guitar or bass direct
  • Line-level inputs on 3 additional channels accommodate keyboards, playback devices, and consumer music gear
  • Onboard Lexicon digital effects include delay, chorus, and reverb
  • Tap tempo and a parameter adjustment knob let you dial in each effect to your material
  • USB provides 2-in/2-out connectivity for recording and audio streaming
  • Outputs include flexible monitoring options and balanced XLR main outs
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