Please note all three TD17 models feature different pads and different bluetooth features. Please inspect specifications carefully before purchasing. We all know by now that Roland is the biggest name in electronic drumming and the Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit is no exception to this. Roland have been making huge improvements to the technological side of their V-Drums lineup and the Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit boasts features unheralded on a model before this. The TD25 and the TD50 have both received the upgrade treatment and now the TD11 has finally received its remodel and boy is it exciting. The Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit module has been totally overhauled to feature the same tech as the TD50 kit with a new look and modern features including Go Keys and bluetooth on the KV and KVX model.

The Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit also features significant pad upgrades to make the playing experience far more enjoyable and more akin to that of an acoustic drum kit. The KD-10 Kick Trigger which replaces the former KD-9 improves durability and reduces noise thanks to new frame and rubber case. The new VH-10 Hi Hat trigger provides a natural swinging and a quick response thanks to thin and light cymbal frame. and finally the new PDX-12 12” mesh head pad provides stress-free playability thanks to a standard size such as a 12~14” acoustic snare. The Roland TD-17KV Electronic Drum Kit also features user audio sample import via SD card which previous to the TD50 was only available by linking an SPDSX to a module via MIDI connection. This means you can now load your own samples into this drum kits brain and sound like your favourite artists.


  • 300 sounds 30 kits (TD11=190 sounds 25 kits)
  •  Sound engine of TD-50 generation
  •  User Audio Sample Import via SD card
  •  2x additional trigger ins (TD11=1 aux trig in)
  •  Bluetooth Audio / MIDI technology.(Bluetooth only on KV and KVX Model)
  •  New kick, hi-hat and snare pads
  •  Coaching functions
  •  Integrated iPhone/Player dock/holder
  •  USB MIDI/Audio and Conventional MIDI out
  •  Optimised kit configuration to practice.
  •  All Mesh Head (TD-17KV, TD-17KVX Only)
  •  Larger snare pad as 12” (TD-17KV, TD-17KVX Only)
  •  Movable Hi-Hat, 2nd Crash Cymbal (TD-17KVX Only)
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