Roland are raising the bar with an XL upgrade to the already potent Cube Bass range. The Roland 20 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier Combo 8 Inch is designed to be as portable as it's smaller counterparts, but deliver some big, punchy sounds with the help of both COSM and FFP technology. With 6 COSM amp tones to choose from, this amp will be suitable little rig for any genre or style. It also features one-knob compression, 3-band EQ and an arsenal of effects, including a looper, which is a world first for bass amps.

Feed Forward Processing (or simply FFP) is a technology from Roland that maximises an amps output and responsiveness, meaning that this little combo creates a sound that you'd expect from something much larger and far more costly. The Roland 20 Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier Combo 8 Inch has the fire power of a tank and is built like one too. Never before has a small, single speaker amp been this versatile, contained so many features and sounded so damn good. It's portable enough to play while busking or at small clubs, and if you're sights are set larger than that you can use the XLR output to DI your punchy new sound to a large PA. Pick one up today and you'll be ready to rock any occasion.

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