Original 1965 Pre CBS L Series Fender Jazzmaster 3 colour Sunburst

They don't get much better then this! All original Pre CBS L series 1965 Fender Jazzmaster. This Guitar is in perfect mint original condition (for a guitar over 50 years old). Original Everything! pickups, bridge, trem system, and even the original case!

This guitar has had a fret redress at some stage during its 50+ years on this earth. This guitar plays as good as it looks, it has buckets of natural resonance that you just don't seem to get in modern guitars. The wood has come of age and settled making this guitar feel solid as a rock.

Now the tone! you can't beat it! original 1965 Jazzmaster single coil pickups give that classic Jazzy sound that cant be mistaken. we have played many reissues over the years but nothing comes close to the original! Hand selected by the Macron Music team, this Jazzmaster is absolutely stunning.

Its the cleanest vintage guitar we have ever seen, with some natural checking in the Nitro Finish, and a few minor bumps and scratches, this guitar looks like it has only been played a hand full of times and lived most of its life in a case.

This Original 1965 Pre CBS L Series Fender Jazzmaster 3 colour Sunburst is in store here at Macron Music! Come down today and test drive a piece of guitar history right here on the coast! Fender announced the Jazzmaster at the 1958 NAMM show as a high-end jazz guitar with an array of innovative features and sleek sports-car inspired curves.

Though the model never really caught on with jazz players, it was quickly embraced by surf rock players due to its unique floating tremolo system and mellower sounding pickups. Later, the Jazzmaster would find new life as an iconic instrument for a range of indie rock players.