The Orange Crush 35RT Guitar Amp gives you that huge 'Orange' tone in a small but powerful 35 Watt amp, largeto really crank up and be heard; small enough to fit comfortably in your bedroom or loungeroom! Orange Crush 35RT Guitar Amp gives you a multiude of effects to experiement with to ensure you sound your rocking best! The Orange Crush 35RT Guitar Amp brings the legendary Orange sound to the rehearsal room. Sharing the Crush 20RT's twin-channel design, digital reverb and chromatic tuner, the Crush 35's larger size and bigger output section delivers even greater punch and volume. Complete with a transparent, fully buffered effects loop this amp goes way beyond the call of the traditional "practice amplifier. And, with Orange's CabSim technology, you get an emulated 4x12" cab tone through the headphone output to give you huge sound even when you're practicing silently. 

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