The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano is the 5th generation of the flagship stage piano from Nord. With a 88 note fully weighted hammer action, theNord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano is the most powerful keyboard in the Nord lineup, with an extra 2GB of memory to store sounds from the Nord sample library. From soaring synths to ambient pads the Nord Stage 3 88 can do it all.

Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano updates Nord's flagship instrument line with 2 GB memory for the Nord Piano Library and the brand new A1 Synth Engine with Sample playback.

The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano features the world famous Piano, Organ and Synthesizer technologies combined with a well thought-out, user friendly interface, HA keybed which works great for concert piano playing as well as modern electric and organ performance. With its almost obsessive level of quality control the Stage 3 88 truly sets itself apart as an instrument for the professional performing musician. The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano has two ultra-clear OLED displays for on-stage clarity and features smooth transitions when changing programs/sounds.

The extended split functionality with optional crossfade, and the addition of the new Song List Mode makes the Nord Stage 3 more intuitive and flexible than ever before for the live performer. The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano has three sound generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously. Furthermore, the Nord Stage 3 has 2 separate slots allowing you to have 2 Pianos, 2 Organs and 2 Synths plus Effects at the same time for massive sonic flexibility.

The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano has a new Song Mode let's you easily organise a group of Programs for each specific song in the list. Each song can consist of up to 5 different Programs, freely assignable from your existing Programs. You can create unique Song Lists for different bands or situations and the names and order can be easily customised on the fly without connecting it to a computer.

The super clear new OLED display offers excellent overview when selecting sounds and editing programs. The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano also features 3 Split Zones and a new Split Point Crossfade functionality. Choose among 3 different crossfade widths (Small, Large or Off) indicated by different LED colors. A new Split Point Editor Mode lets you easily organize and set up Split Points using the OLED display giving you a great overview of the assigned sound sources for each Split zone. Support for Program change via pedal The Nord Stage 3 88 Stage Piano also supports Program change via pedal allowing for flexible program changes (up/down) while keeping your hands on the keyboard.


  • OLED-displays for Program and Synth section
  • Seamless transitions when changing programs
  • Extended Split functionality with optional Crossfade
  • Song List Mode
  • Extended Morph Destinations

Piano section

  • Doubled memory (2GB) for the Nord Piano Library
  • Greatly expanded polyphony (120 voices)
  • Creative Filter presets
  • Layer category

Synth section

  • Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with Sample playback
  • Dedicated OLED display for Oscillator functions
  • Expanded Memory (480 MB) for the Nord Sample Library 3.0 (coming soon)
  • Extended Polyphony
  • Super Wave category (S-wave)

Organ section

  • Nord C2D Organ Engine
  • 2 new Pipe Organ models
  • Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker - available per Slot
  • Physical Drawbars for Nord Stage 3 Compact


  • Improved Delay with added Feedback filters and Analog Mode
  • Filter Mode with Resonance
  • Separate Compressor per Slot with Amount and Fast mode
  • Separate Reverb per Slot with Bright mode
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