Get the absolute coolest fridge in the freaking universe - the Marshall 92 Litre Bar Fridge! What could possibly be a better addition to your man/woman-cave than this!?! Can it store beer? Yes! Can it store Ginger beer and snacks? Yes! Does it make your tone better? Absolutely not... but who cares - food and beverages are infinitely more important - duh!!! The newest in cool combines the iconic look of the Marshall Amp with the utility of a small refrigerator and joins the latest trend of hot new must-have’s: Meet the Marshall Fridge. The fine detail on the mini fridge is synonymous with Marshall Amplification’s high quality workmanship. Complete with the genuine Marshall logos, infamous woven black fret cloth, Jim Marshall’s signature and control knobs that go to 11, the Marshall Fridge represents only the second time in history that the legendary brand has endowed its logo to something other than an Amplifier. The Marshall Fridge is a unique and innovative product that brings rock and roll history down from the stage and into the homes of fans around the world. Combining the iconic look of the Marshall guitar amplifier with the practicality of a bar fridge, the Marshall Fridge maintains the same commitment to quality and dedication to cool that Jim Marshall, the Father of Loud, established half a century ago when he created his first signature amp. It’s a must-have piece of rock and roll history and one that music aficionados will be proud to showcase in their homes, caves, dens, garages or wherever else they like to relax with a cold drink.


Marshall Bar Fridge Genuine Marshall Logos Control knobs that go to 11 Adjustable Front Leg Arctic Blue Interior LED Light Glass Shelves CFC Free SPECIFICATIONS: 92 Litre Capacity
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