The KORG PA700 Arranger Keyboard takes writing and playing music to the next level. Using the built in Styles, you can have your own backing band at the press of a button! The Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) sound engines offer a new level of realism and deep, vivid sounds. The Pa700 delivers over 370 Styles, straight out of the box. Each one is a fully-realized musical environment dedicated to creating a particular musical style. With so many to choose from, the Pa700 can provide instant access to a vast and robust range of musical genres. Each Style features 4 Fill Ins + Break patterns, one for each variation. Using the new Auto Fill function they can be automatically recalled as you move between the four variations. One fantastic, brand new addition is the inclusion of KAOSS FX, which gives you complete creative control over the audio manipulation of your performance. With the touch of a pad you can add anything from subtle morphing between Variations and Drum Kit types, fine mixing between accompaniment Sounds, live reshaping of ongoing rhythms, to the most radical note-crunching effects Considering the functionality that the KORG PA700 Arranger Keyboard provides, it’s amazing that it’s so easy to use and sounds so incredible.

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