Whether you're modelling the sounds of your favourite artists or breaking new ground, the KORG Kingkorg Analog modeling synthesizer/vocoder 61 Key has you covered. The KingKORG faithfully reproduces the changes in oscillations and filters that you'd normally only get from an analog synth, giving you freedom to shape your sound however you want.

With all the synth options out there, it can be a tough process finding the one that suits you. If you know the exact sound you want and you want to be able to reproduce that sound in a live setting, the KORG Kingkorg Analog modeling synthesizer/vocoder 61 Key Black is your beast.


  • A full-fledged, 61-key analog modeling synthesizer designed for live performance
  • Powerful oscillators that are understandable to the beginner, yet satisfying for the expert
  • Modeling filters that reproduce the sound of classic instruments
  • Three master effect sections (each with six effect types) add the finishing touch to your sound Vacuum tube driver circuit adds rich overtones and powerful distortion
  • New panel layout designed for intuitive operation CV/GATE OUT jack lets you control a Korg monotribe or MS-20 Support for librarian software that lets you manage programs
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