When it comes to the Holy Grail of guitars its truly hard to pass on a guitar this! The Fender Custom Shop 1951 Heavy Relic Nocaster Faded Blonde is a faithful replication of one of the most sought after Telecasters ever made - its U profile neck feels like its had decades of playing and feels like playing an old friend underhand - The Custom Shop Nocaster pickups deliver bright and full tones. The 1951 Nocaster in Faded Blonde is definately something special and really has to be played to be beleived!

The Fender Custom Shop 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster takes you back to the early days of this iconic solidbody electric guitar with an instrument that looks like it's been well loved since the day it came off the line. Its hand-selected, nitro-finished ash body comes complete with an authentic style of bakelite pickguard and a vintage bridge with brass saddles. At the same time, the 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster's classic U-profile maple neck offers the smooth playing action of a modern 9.5" radius and 6105 frets. Modern Tele wiring including a Grease bucket tone circuit and Custom Shop Nocaster pickups complete the picture, making this Tele an ideal combination of classic style, timeless tone, and modern playability.

Custom Shop Nocaster pickups deliver authentic Tele tone The Fender Custom Shop 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster is fitted with a Custom Shop Nocaster pickup set, giving you the traditional Tele twang you would expect with this phenomenal instrument. These pickups deliver the classic and sought-after tone of a true vintage axe (just ask any of the Tele fanatics here at Sweetwater). Greasebucket tone circuit offers exceptional control Have you noticed how your note definition can suffer when you roll your tone knob back? Of course there are lots of tone circuit designs out there, but the Greasebucket tone circuit in the Fender Custom Shop 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster lets you roll off highs without affecting low frequencies. That means you can get mellow, subdued tones without your tones getting muddy or indistinct. At Sweetwater we know many players never touch their tone control - but maybe that's because they don't have the Greasebucket tone circuit. Heavy Relic finish and hardware for vintage vibe As you can imagine, a true 1951 Tele would show signs of wear and tear, and this Fender Custom Shop 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster electric guitar is finished to represent those years of playing. The heavily worn finish on the body and neck, and the aged and rusty hardware, will make you wonder if it really isn't a true vintage guitar. Collectors in the know will tell you that it was in 1951 that the Telecaster was honed and perfected into the form we know and love today, and this 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster is sure to please even the pickiest of guitar lovers.

Fender Custom Shop 1951 Time Machine Heavy Relic Telecaster Features:

  • Heavily aged Telecaster with premium lacquer finish
  • Fender's classic Nocaster "U" neck profile serves up outstanding feel
  • 9.5" radius and 6105 (medium jumbo) frets let you bend up high without fretting out
  • Custom Shop Nocaster pickups provide classic Tele tone
  • Greasebucket tone control maintains your overall gain level while rolling off highs
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