DW is The Original American Custom Drum Company™. The California Custom Shop is like no other custom drum workshop on Earth. Starting with only select, responsibly harvested woods, a variety of shells configurations are crafted to order. PURE MAPLE™ The most popular wood for drum making, maple is a hardwood that produces maximum resonance, projection and attack. Combined with reinforcement hoops, it can produce a more focused sound and is well suited for live and studio applications.

Once a shell has been baked under pressure, we take it right out of the oven and place it in a pressurized cooler to ensure that the glue instantly crystalizes and the shell hardens to a perfect cylinder. The proof is in the tuning!

A shell’s fundamental pitch is where it wants to be tuned. No more fighting with heads to find the sweet spot. We’ve done it for you. Every set that is crafted at DW is done so as a family. Before the shell is sanded, bearing edges are added or even one hole is drilled, every drum is ear-matched to belong together for life. In a word, tuning made easy.

ESE™ or Enhanced Sound Edge is a revolutionary new concept in bearing edge technology. Over the years DW has lead the way in refining the way drums are constructed to optimize both overall tone and resonance. The ESE™ edge features a sharper backcut that is applied to the resonant head only and provides increased resonance on higher-pitched toms (recommended for 8-12" toms). This sharper resonant edge has proven to add increased attack and a longer fundamental tone. This feature is optional on all DW drums. (U.S. Patent #6,525,250) https://youtu.be/If you would like to know more information about the DW Collectors Maple Gold Glass kit Click here for more information