If you're no stranger to capo usage during gigs, you probably find yourself filling your song transitions with nonsensical banter more often than not while you fumble around and get your capo set up. The D'Addario NS Cradle Capo is never out of reach with its stainless steel, self-centering design that ensures even tension across the fretboard. It features an adjustable micrometer that allows you to dial in the perfect pressure, while allowing the freedom for quick transitions and the ability to stay on the guitar, even when not in use. This intelligent new approach to fret barring was designed in collaboration with Ned Steinberger.

D'Addario NS Cradle Capo features:

  • Always-ready design with even tension thanks to the self-centering cradle
  • Able to store above the guitar nut when not in use and/or stored in a case
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Designed in collaboration with Ned Steinberger
  • Saves you from sub-par banter.
With the D'Addario NS Cradle Capo, you can save yourself from having to tell your dad's jokes mid-set by removing those awkward capo-setting silences. Not only will the crowd thank you for it, you'll thank yourself the first time you watch a recording of your set without cringing.