When you take home a new 6-stringed baby, it needs to be nourished and cared for if you really want it to live a good, long, musical life. That's why D'addario have created the D'addario Guitar Maintenance Kit to provide everything you need to ensure your guitar stays at its peak. This kit contains all the essentials for players of every skill and style, from the included string winder and neck cradle to the Multi-tool and maintenance products. The included storage case also provides easy access to all these products for the ultimate care for your acoustic and electric guitars and basses. - High quality travel case - Non-slip protective body mat - String height gauge - Includes other best-selling accessories such as: Pro-winder, Headstand, Multi-tool, Lubrikit, Fret Polishing System, and NS Capo Lite If you're a guitar tech or roadie, the D'addario Guitar Maintenance Kit has everything you need to ensure a reliable set up at every show and a beautiful, shiny appearance that will leave the crowd wondering who's responsible. If they're your guitars, show your band mates that you take some pride in your gear with the D'addario Guitar Maintenance Kit. It's a rare quality that can only be seen in the best of guitar owners and shred lords, but appreciated by all. https://youtu.be/1vXfypC4txQ