Mixing music is a painstaking task that requires attention to minute details. As a professional, you need specialised studio headphones to fully immerse yourself in these subtleties. At Macron Music, we have a range of pro headphones that allow you to hear your music in perfect clarity. Whether you’re a full-time audio engineer, a producer or an amateur looking to upgrade your home studio to something a little more professional, our experts can help you buy pro headphones online or in-store. 

Monitor headphones vs regular headphones — what’s the difference?

Regular headphones are designed to enhance your listening experience, so manufacturers have integrated technology to manipulate the frequency of the audio before it reaches your ears. Commercial brands will emphasize the bass and treble to make the music more enjoyable for the listener while drowning out other aspects of the song. However, this technology is not helpful for sound designers and audio technicians, as instruments can get lost behind the drums and basslines. Pro headphones or as they are also known, monitor headphones, are designed to balance all frequencies so that the audio is translated as accurately as possible to the listener’s ears. No part of the sound spectrum, from the lows to the mids and highs, is elevated. 

Choosing the right pro headphones is easy

Whether you’re a professional or learning sound recording for the first time, we stock a great selection of premium equipment at competitive prices. Discover our range of top brands used by industry professionals like Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Behringer. To help make your decision easier, our experts can help you shop online with our live chat facility, or in person at our Erina or Melbourne stores. Get in touch today to discover more — you can expect quick and nationwide delivery when you buy pro headphones online in Australia from Macron Music.


About Macron Music

Macron Music has been serving Australian musicians for more than 25 years. We stock a huge range of inspirational products, from guitars and pedals to drums, keyboards and studio gear. We only stock the best brands in the world, including Fenech, Ibanez, Schecter, Epiphone, Fender, AKG, Korg, Rode, Roland, Sennheiser, and Shure. Along with a huge online store, we have two local stores located at Erina on the NSW Central Coast and Travancore in Melbourne. At Macron Music, we believe in friendly customer support, low prices and fast reliable shipping across Australia.

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