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Novation launchpad MKIII PRO


The Novation Launchpad Pro is a MUST HAVE for any modern music maker 


By Joe Surgey

Giving producers and composers a-like the increasingly rare opportunity to get away from their screen, the Launchpad has easily become one of the most widely used and recognisable pieces of gear in the studio today.

The ability to jam and experiment with your instruments is priceless for me in the studio, The Launchpad Pro gives me all the features of my personal Ableton set at the tips of my fingers. Allowing a tactile, physical surface to play sounds, loops recordings and even mix on the go.

The Launchpad is designed from the ground up with DAW integration in mind, It’s currently the only way you can achieve limitless control of your software without laying a finger on your mouse. Mix tracks, add effects, record takes and arrange/edit MIDI all from the Launchpads new, XL RGB pads, built with a more accurate velocity sensitivity than ever before.

The Launchpad Pro is the very best in its class for DAW integration. With support offered across the board for Ableton Live, Logic and more. Anything your DAW can do, the Launchpad Pro will help you do it BETTER!

This is a MUST HAVE tool for any modern music maker, and fits in seamlessly with almost any producer's creative process.

Click the link before for more info, or come and have a chat with me in-store!

This article was written by Joe Surgey who works at the Erina store, for more info or to chat to Joe email him here

Check out the Novation Launchpad Pro MKIII Here

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