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Maton Nashville 808 Cutaway


Why the Maton Nashville is in my Top 5 All-star Guitar List


I am always so excited when we receive a Maton Nashville in store, with it probably sitting in my "Top 5, All-star Guitar List". Maton has crafted a Sitka Spruce, Mahogany pairing that boasts warm caramel-esque tones, with a clear projecting top end. To match its warm tones, the Nashville is then finished in a Vintage Amber Stain Satin. Knowing that each guitar will always be different from another, the streaky Ebony fretboard reminds you of this, giving it its own character and uniqueness to standout from the rest. The slim neck profile leaves you forgetting where all your time has gone, perfect for the musician that is gigging often in the pub or wedding scene.



The appearance is beautiful, I think that speaks for itself... but the pickup is another thing entirely. Maton install their top of the line "AP5 Pro" Pickup, which has been meticulously developed over countless years, being tested until perfected. Located on the guitar's pickup you will find two volume knobs, one that says "Mic", and one that says "PZ". For those that don't know, the Pro pickup has individual pickup systems, one is an actual cardioid microphone that sits inside the sound hole, picking up all the resonating tones produced from the soundboard. The other is a Piezo pickup, which sits under the bridge of your guitar, and picks up a more unique sound compared to the mic setup. Having the choice to blend the two before it heads to the desk allows for a more personal experience, complimenting your performance in a new way.

Overall, if you have been searching for a durable guitar that can be for live or recording purposes, and you're a fan of the warmer, fuller sounds then I think this is the sign you have been looking for. The experience alone will convince you. Put it this way, I loved them so much that I couldn't settle for playing them in the store when they arrived, I bought one for myself.

This article was written by Ally Georges who works at the Erina store, for more info or to chat to Ally email her here.

Check out the Maton Nashville Here

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