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Luke, AKA Luca or Mak started with Macron about 2007 so is like a piece of the furniture here, but with WAY more animation! Luke works in the Guitars and Piano departments, but likes to think he can also sell drums when Brin is not looking! He has been playing in various Hardcore/Punk bands for about 17 years so has done his fair share of touring and recording.

This all began from a young age, learning Piano from his mum at 6 and Guitar from his father at age 10. When not supporting customers at Macron, Luke dreams of life on a remote tropical island doing nothing but surfing, eating, writing reggae and playing music with anyone that wanders by... That or getting into politics and bringing down the system from the inside!

So Luke, what do you do when not at Macron? Being the son of a Northern Irishman and the Grandson of a Dutchman, I'm obbsessed with Football (the real one). I'm also an avid Bodyboarder and appreciator of spicy Mexican Food.