Deliver clean, vibrant vocals thanks to the full-range, compander-free operation of the Line 6 XD-V55 digital vocal wireless handheld system. This compact system operates on 12 channels that are always available, freeing you from the hassle of dialling in channels individually. The channels operate on the 2.4 GHz band, eliminating interference from TV broadcasts and devices that produce white noise.

Digital reproductions of four live microphone models on the Line 6 XD-V55 let you adjust the sound to fit your voice or venue with the simple touch of a button. A 91-meter range means you can roam the stage and interact with your audience without worry about tripping over wires or losing vocal quality, and an eight-hour battery life lets you finish your performance without changing mics. The XD-V55 wireless handheld system is ready for use around the world without worrying about licensing, eliminating the need to purchase additional wireless systems as you tour internationally.


  • Full-range, compander-free digital wireless system with four microphone models and easy operation
  • Innovative design helps eliminate RF interference with your audio
  • Operates in 2.4GHz band, eliminating interference from TV broadcast or white space devices
  • 12 channels are always available anywhere, anytime, license-free
  • Handheld microphone included
  • 91-meter range