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Liam (aka Bez) started work at Macron in 2014 and works full-time as a sales specialist in our Drums, Guitar and Audio departments. Known as the responsible one, Liam is also responsible for keeping the Macron Stable clean and organised as well as keeping all the ponies in line!

With a passion for all things music, Liam spends his days and nights off recording bands, playing in bands and looking for other band-related jobs he could involve himself in. His love for the beating drum began early thanks to musical parents, drum lessons, playing in more than a few bands and studying at AIM. Liam is the guy who has always got your back - When we asked him what he'd be doing if he was not working at Macron Music and he said 'Trying to get a job at Macron'! He is the one we can always rely on and for this, we thank you Liam!

When not finding more things to do in the world of bands - Liam can be found hanging out with his dog on his farm.