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Macron Music offers Lay-By for all customers, all you need is a 20% up front deposit and you have 3 months to pay it off. We can set up a layby via phone or email and you can pay down your invoice via our Online Payment Portal or via Paypal. If you would like to use Afterpay for a layby you will need to call the store and have the Afterpay card on your phone (From Sept 1 the Barcode system will no longer be available.)

How do I create an account?

Click here or watch the below video


How do I start a Lay-By?

Macron Music can organise your Lay-By via either phone or email  Deposits can be made by either our Online Payment Portal, Paypal or Direct Deposit. Unfortunately due to security issues and online fraud, deposits can not be made via credit card unless you are in store. Future payments can be made either in the Portal, In store, via Paypal or Direct Debit, just remember to always put your surname or lay-by number as the description so we know who is making the payment.

Lay-by Terms

The terms of our lay-by are three months meaning you have 3 months to pay the lay-by out from the day that it is taken out. To start a lay-by we require 20% of the total price as a deposit. If regular payments are being made then we can be a little flexible with more expensive items. The item remains the property of Macron Music until the payments are completed. Items are stored securely and carefully while they are in our care.


Due to the nature of a lay-by there are costs associated and as a result we have a cancellation fee if lay-by's are taken out and then cancelled. 10% of the total purchase price is kept as a fee for cancelling the lay-by. In a case where the original deposit amount is less than the cancellation fee we keep the entire deposit but do not charge any additional fee's beyond that.


  • Item costs $1200
  • 20% Deposit is $240
  • Cancellation fee is 10% ($120)

Macron Music keeps $120 and the customer has $120 returned to them via whatever appropriate payment method.

For more information on Lay-by's and the rules that surround them click here to see the ACC's website