Enhance your progress during rehearsals when equipped with this Korg TMR-50 tuner metronome. Maintain the beat, pitch and rhythm with the robust capabilities of this all-in-one unit that includes a tuner, recorder and metronome. The built-in speaker, mic and USB port simplify the process of achieving a high-quality linear PCM recording and make syncing to your computer easy.

Focus on improving your playing with the advanced technological features of this tuner metronome, allowing recorder functionality so you can review and assess your practice riffs and performance. Whether you are a novice or a professional, easily identify any problem areas during rehearsal so you can perfect your sound and your playing.


  • Tuner, metronome and recorder can be used simultaneously or independently
  • Internal mic and speaker make it easy to record and play back your performance
  • Loop Play function lets you repeat a desired region of a recorded track
  • High-quality linear PCM recording/playback
  • Record up to 100 tracks (approximately total 20 minutes)
  • USB port lets you transfer recorded data and song files between the TMR-50 and your computer
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