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Macron Victoria gets a visit from Master Luthier Aaron Fenech

We were lucky enough to get a visit this week from Aaron Fenech himself, the brains, braun and name behind the awesome Fenech Guitar brand. Now the third largest guitar manufacturer in Australia, Aaron and Fenech Guitars have come in leaps and bounds since his days in the repair shop dreaming up a range of guitars he could create one day. We chatted about the guitar industry as it stands today and what his vision is in what can sometimes be a very crowded world full of lots of opinions and ideas.

Aaron is originally a carpenter by trade and he is a self confessed music tragic, still playing in bands today. He has his own workshop and team in the Gold Coast where he creates what we think are some of the finest instruments to come out of this country. He uses a different approach to timber selection and construction which give his guitars a balance that is very hard to beat, from low range to high Fenech guitars sound like a guitar is supposed to. Aaron is also a bit of an obsessive personality and holds himself to very high standards, wanting every inch of the guitar to be as close to perfect as possible. It's his belief that an Acoustic Guitar absolutely must sound amazing Acoustically even though a lot of the time performers are plugging them in live.


Aaron with Macron Music Owner Anthony Ursino and Fenech Sales Manager Eddie Middleton 


Aaron's pickup system, crafted by Double and specifically chosen by Aaron to go into his guitars perfectly compliments the tonal balance of the instrument and completes the package for any guitar enthusiast, whether it be performer or bedroom.

Aaron also was kind enough to show us what he's been working on and there are some exciting new models coming which are really based around Aarons own idea of what a guitar should look, sound and feel like. The Fenech guitars are not only beautiful to look at, touch and even smell (They have their own special case scent) but they also sound unbelievable, if you don't believe us pop into either store for a play. We promise you will not be sorry.

Check out the range of Fenech Guitars here.

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