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 ENGL Ironball SE Guitar Head

Your new best friend?

Ok everyone, let's agree on something real quick, digital replacements for guitar amps are getting prettyyyyyy damn good. Silent recording, built in IR cab sims, built in effects, all very useful. They sound great, they are convenient and when you are on stage, they look.....fine? But what if you could have all that, and still have, you know,
A Real Valve Amp. 



Friends, if you want all these things, and you deserve them btw, then the Engl Ironball SE could be your new best friend. Let's hit the important features:

  • German Made
  • Full Valve (4 x ECC83 preamp 2 x EL84 power)
  • Power Soak (Full Power / 20 Watts, 5 Watts, 1 Watt, Speaker Off) allowing silent recording or headphone practice
  • Built-In Switchable Delay, Reverb and Noise Gate
  • USB: for IR loading
  • Headphone Output with Level control
  • IR Balanced Output
  • Only 7KG!

The Engl Ironball SE gives you the best of both worlds, the perfect amp for home recording and practice, jamming, or even in a live situation while running the IR balanced output into the PA, all while taking advantage of the natural compression and feel you can only TRULY get from a valve amplifier. The thing I really love is how it simplifies your whole set up. With the Engl Z9 Midi controller you can replace most of the things currently on your board. No need for separate delay, reverb or boost pedals, the amp takes care of everything, letting you spend more time playing guitar, and less mucking around, which is what we all want!

Tone wise, the Engl Ironball SE covers everything from classic rock up to modern high gain metal, but where it REALLY shines is summoning classic 80's hair metal solo's. Endless sustain drenched in delay and reverb with enough volume to keep up in any practice room.

This article was written by Morgan who works at the Victorian store. 
For more info on this amp, or to chat to Morgan about dogs, email him here or call on 1300 622 766 (extention 1)

Buy the ENGL Ironball SE Here.

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