Do you have a little rockstar in your life? It's never too early to start learning the drums. These DXP 5 Piece Drum Kits are a perfect launch pad for any little percussionist and are made from poplar and have proper drum rims and lugs. Whilst they aren't designed to go down and gig at the local pub they will certainly provide a decent starting point for any young beginner. We suggest that it best suits ages 5-8


  • 16"x11" Bass drum (12 lugs)
  • 12"x10" Floor tom (8 lugs)
  • 10"x 6" Tom tom (8 lugs)
  • 8"x6" Tom tom (8 lugs)
  • 10"x5" Snare drum (8 lugs)
  • Chrome tom holders
  • Cymbal stand with 10" cymbal
  • 12" Hi-hat cymbals on stand
  • Drum throne
  • Snare stand
  • Bass pedal
  • Drum sticks