*As you can see the finish of this kit varies depending on the light. It is incredibly hard to capture in photograph how amazing this finish is. 

DW Performance series shells come from the same factory that Collectors Shells do and share all the same qualities and features. In fact one of the only differences is that the Performance shells aren't tone matched like collectors and are only available in pre-set configurations. Whast this means is you are getting your hands on a truly U.S.A Made shell pack which is something none of the other major drum brands can say about there drums.

This is a DW drumset in every way. No detail has been overlooked, no corners have been cut. Its look and sound are decidedly DW. Custom-inspired, with a new Quarter Turret lug, low mass die-cast claw hook, new badge, logo head and an ultra-durable FinishPly™ finish, it's designed to get noticed and most importantly, Performance sounds like what you'd expect from DW. Easy to tune, superior sounding HVX shells, STM™ (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch™ Tuning and DW 45 degree back-cut bearing edges, all make these drums sing.

Please note this kit is shell pack only, no hardware or cymbals are included


  • 08X10 Floating Tom
  • 09X12 Floating Tom
  • 14X16 Floor Tom
  • 18X22 Kick Drum
  • Steel Triple Flange Hoops come in graduated weights
    • 1.6mm for 8 & 10" toms
    • 2.3mm for 12-18" toms,
    • 3.0mm for snares).
  • Patented STM™ (suspension tom mount) system
  • True-Pitch® Tuning Rods
  • Comes with DWSM99 Single Tom Clamp w"V"Memory Lock
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