Our friends at DW Drum Workshop have the ultimate gift for the drummer in your life. This 4 Piece DW Badged Performance Series kit with 3000 Series hardware for under $2.5k!!! Back up your vehicle, load them up, take two even. This is limited time offer not to be missed. Finished in beautiful Midnite Blue satin, these kits look and feel like a kit twice as expensive.

DW DDLM2214MB *Limited Edition* Design Series 4pc Shell Pack - Midnight Blue is a 4-piece Shell Pack, highly versatile all-maple kit featuring Drum Workshops' most popular sizes in F.A.S.T (Fundamentally Accurate-Sized Tom) depths. DW have taken their custom drum-making know-how and created a line of drums designed to raise the bar yet again. Design Series® is a DW kit through and through. From a newly-designed mini Turret lug, to Remo USA®-made Suede® "outline" logo heads and a sleek silver and white badge, its looks are fresh, yet decidedly DW.

Also included are pro features such as STM™ (Suspension Tom Mounts), True-Pitch® Tuning, MAG™ throw-off, low-mass die cast claw hooks, and more. Last but certainly not least, there's the sound. These are thicker North American Maple shells that pack a punch. Incorporating HVLT™ (Vertical Low Timbre shell with a horizontal outer ply), Design Series® shells are full, resonant, and responsive.


* Please note the kit does not include cymbals or a snare drum. We would be happy to price one into the deal if you contact us at sales@macronmusic.com.au


  • 22X18 Inch Kick Drum
  • 10X8 Inch Tom
  • 12X9 Inch Tom
  • 16X14 Inch Floor Tom
  • 3000 Series Hardware Pack Including
    • 1x DW3000 Single bass drum pedal
    • 1x DW3500 3-Legged Hihat Stand
    • 1x DW3700 Boom Cymbal Stand
    • 1x DW3300 Snare Stand