If you are seeking to authentically replicate the vintage drum sounds of the ‘30s through ‘50s, this DW Collector’s Contemporary Classic kit is going to be right up your alley. This spectacularly crafted set of Poplar/Mahogany shells produce a low-pitched, dark timbre and a punchy attack. Strong and resilient, this kit packs all of the necessary qualities and features expected from a modern kit and presents it with an authentic vintage flair. This shell pack comprises of a 12 x 8” rack tom, 16 x 16" floor tom and a 22 x 14” bass drum featuring a vintage rail mount.

These awesome shells are constructed of 5-plies of Poplar with an inner and outer layer of Mahogany that is heat-pressed and cool-tempered to produce some of the finest drums in existence. Each shell is made using DW’s Specialised Shell Configuration process that custom stacks each layer of ply according to their grain orientation, which is determined by what kind of tone is required. By altering the grain direction of each layer, DW can harness and fine-tune individual tones and create an awesome sounding kit that completely covers a vast sonic spectrum. The SSC process also provides a great level of structural integrity to the shell, ensuring its tuning stability and providing great durability.

Featuring an innovative rim design that provides optimum contact between head and hoop, the DW TrueHoop has been designed to provide the best possible tone and tuning functionality. TrueHoops are gauged in graduated thicknesses to match their intended drum sizes - 8" and 10" diameter drums are fitted with 1.6mm True Hoops while 12"-18" diameter drums come with 2.3mm - which harmonises the kits overall balance of both tone and projection. Super-strong and perfectly round and flat, this brilliant hoop features a fully rounded outer edge that offers comfort and is easier on the eye - and the stick.

This DW Collector’s Contemporary Classic bass drum features a fantastic vintage-style rail mount that supports a solid, fully adjustable L-rod mounting arm which provides plenty of positioning options. The 12 x 9” rack tom features DW’s patented Suspension Tom Mount (STM), a low-contact suspension mount designed to allow the drum to vibrate fully and virtually eliminate choke. Thanks to the STM’s innovative design, this rack tom is allowed total freedom to resonate whilst being held safely and securely - the STM design is satisfyingly sturdy.

These sublime shells come furnished with some very attractive and sophisticated chrome hardware. The floor tom is supported by robust leg brackets with incorporated memory locks and all shells feature the iconic DW “Turret” lug design - the instantly recognisable emblem of top-quality. Each of these amazing drums also utilises DW’s patented True-Pitch tuning rod system. These tension rods feature 5mm threads as opposed to the standard 12/24 that are featured on most other drums. With approx. 20% more threads than standard, the True-Pitch rod offers superior tuning stability.


  • 12 x 8” Rack Tom
  • 16 x 16” Floor Tom
  • 22 x 14” Bass Drum


  • 7-ply Mahogany/Poplar shells
  • SSC shell optimisation
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Turret Lugs
  • True-Pitch tuning rods
  • Vintage style SM7771 rail mount
  • DW True-Hoop rims
  • Incorporated memory-locking tom mounts and floor tom legs.
  • Contemporary Classic Series badges