To commemorate nearly a half century of drum innovation, John Good has dreamed up an exclusive run of shell packs made from Stradivarius spruce — the exact wood responsible for some of the world's most valuable violins. Each hand-selected spruce shell is complemented by select plies of European sycamore, also featured as the veneer and treated to a breathtaking natural-to-candy black burst lacquer finish, for quality unlike anything the drumming community has set eyes or ears on. Shells, badges, and heads are adorned with anniversary "XLV" insignias and F-hole art in honor of the wood's world-class pedigree. A performance package of DW Collector's Series hardware provides the finishing touches. Only 145 of these shell packs are available worldwide

DW's renowned drum innovation extends to its hardware in the Collector's Series Exotic Stradivarius 45th Anniversary shell pack. Each shell is crowned with DW's graduated True-Tone Hoops to impart the appropriate weight and tone to each size, then finely tuned with Remo USA heads and True-Pitch 50 tension rods for perfect intonation. Toms get extra resonance from their STM tom mounts. And the snare provides a banquet of instant snare tones thanks to a magnetic throw off with three-position butt plate.


  • Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 8" x 10" and 9" x 12" toms, 12" x 14" and 14" x 16" floor toms, 18" x 22" virgin bass drum, and 6.5" x 14" snare
  • 1 of only 145 in the world — includes a signed certificate of authenticity
  • Entirely handcrafted in DW's California Custom Shop
  • Built from Norway spruce from Italy's Fiemme Valley — prized by instrument makers for centuries
  • Balanced by select plies of European sycamore
  • Each shell treated to a rare, highly figured, quarter-cut European sycamore veneer
  • Breathtaking natural-to-candy black burst lacquer finish
  • "XLV" badges, heads, and shell inlays commemorate DW's 45th anniversary
  • F-hole artwork honors the spruce's orchestral pedigree
  • Graduated True-Hoops impart the appropriate weight to each shell size
  • True-Pitch 50 tension rods have high thread counts for exact tuning
  • S.T.M. mounts enhance tom resonance
  • MAG throw off with 3-position 3P butt plate affords a banquet of snare tones
  • Responsibly harvested
  • Includes 2 DWSM991 high tom holders