Player Date is a quality, American-made drum set, available at a player’s price point. Comprised of two shell configurations (Player Date I & Player Date II), Player Date drums are designed to handle diverse playing situations and bring a unique, vintage-inspired sound back to the drumming world. The same expert craftsmen who build our custom lines, also make these drums. No detail has been overlooked in creating this line, which is now a favourite amongst many of our artists and staff.​

Developed in conjunction with Joey Waronker (Roger Waters, Beck, Atoms for Peace), Player Date I has a full-bodied, dark, round  tone with enhanced low end, and a clear, defined note. Its 7-Ply Mahogany shell offers wide tuning range and controlled decay. Player Date I comes standard with Bread and Butter bearing edges on the Bass and Full Contact bearing edges on the Toms. The snare bearing edges are Full Contact on the batter side and Bread and Butter on the resonant-side; snares have 2.3mm triple flanged metal hoops and C&C's centred, double-ended Deco lug. The Player Date I is perfect for the recording studio or any playing situation that requires musicality and warmth.

Characteristics: Dark, Warm, Round
Tone: Low
Shell Thickness: 8mm 
Bearing Edges
Bass Drum: Bread and Butter
Toms: Full Contact
Snare: Full Contact Batter / Bread and Butter Reso

Drum Sizes

  • 20x14" Bass 
  • 12x8" Tom 
  • 14x14" Floor Tom
  • 14x5.5" Snare

Centred C&C double-ended Deco lug
2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops
Vintage “Fold Out” spurs
Butterfly Bass Drum Claws
Deluxe Classic strainer