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Brin Henchcliffe main image

Brin, as you can tell by his Mo, is more commonly known as Daddy and has worked as the father of our Drum department since 2017. He describes his job not as selling drums, but selling dreams and is fanatical about finding the perfect selection of instruments to keep Australian drummers snaring the right kick. Brin is a session and band drummer when not at Macron and began this way of life back before he was even 10, when his parents - frustrated at his insistance on tapping everything, purchased him a drum kit... And the tapping continues!

When not tapping into peoples dreams, Brin spends his time thinking about inventing an automated toilet paper dispenser so you get the perfect amount every time from the convenience of an app available on both Apple and Android, (patent pending). Everything else about Brin is private, except his Mo, there is nothing private about his mo.