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It's no secret that the world has changed significantly since the implementation of social-distancing and isolation measures by governments around the world. We have seen a significant uplift in the sales of Pro Audio Equipment during this period and we think this is a GREAT thing! Lots of people, who may not have needed to delve into the world of recording or professional audio pre-isolation, have now become pseudo-experts and the world in general has been able to pivot, as it always does, to an alternative that allows our lives to run with some degree of normalcy.

In this very simple guide, we want to share with you what has been working for our customers and what we think the best buys are in this category.


Audio Interfaces - Devices that carry sound into your computer 

1. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Gen 3)

What can we say that hasn't already been said about these little red boxes? Simple, reliable, affordable and popular.

They are flying out the door right now, because they can be used for any practical recording purpose. Podcasters, Singer/Songwriters, Teachers and Institutions have been some of the customers that the Scarlett series has helped immeasurably.

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2. The PreSonus Studio 26C

Who can go past this handy little interface, which allows you to plug two channels in at once? Produce like a pro and record at 196KHZ (above CD quality) with this USB-C friendly interface, which comes with Studio One Artist D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation) Software. This little guy has been selling its pants off and provides a professional audio solution for all at-home recording needs.

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3. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2

More for the slightly advanced recording enthusiast and massively popular with electronic and beat-making artists, this awesome interface comes bundled with loads of handy Native Instruments Komplete VSTs that can add some flavour to your recording project. With over 4GB of bundled software free, it is no surprise that we are struggling to keep these in stock.

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Microphones - The devices you pretend to hold when you’re singing in the shower

1. AKG Lyra Ultra-HD

Designed specifically with pod-casting and Youtube production in mind, the AKG Lyra provides High Definition Audio simply through a USB connection. It's tough, reliable and has multiple modes for recording, all for under $200

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2. Audio Technica AT4033A

This premium recording Mic makes the list because it is one of the finest recording mics in its class and we have it for a ridiculously low price of $499. Hurry these will not last. Dont believe us, check out the Mixdown review here.

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3. Rode NT1A

These are on the list because they are our best selling Mic, the whole country ran out of stock, now we have them again. Still the world's quietest studio condenser microphone. All Aussie-Made!!!

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Headphones - You give these to your child when they are playing Ba Ba Blacksheep on the keyboard. Again.

1. Meters Magnetic In-Ear Audio Monitors

A little known fact about Metres is that they are the brainchild of Ashdown Engineering- Yes the bass amp company. A heavily misunderstood product in a marketplace full of ear-bud headphones. These had an RRP of over $100. You won't find a better set of Earbuds for $39.99

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2. Audio Technica M20X

All we are going to say is you won't get a better pair of cans under $90, try them for yourself if you don't believe us.

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3. AKG K92 Headphones

Be like all the radio personalities and switch your cans to AKG. There is a reason these headphones are used professionally around the world: AKG's market-leading reliability, comfort and audio quality. Don't settle for consumer headphones that cost $200+ and are made from basic and cheap components. Get yourself a pro set of cans for under $150

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4. Sennheiser HD25 DJ Headphones

Are you even a DJ if you don't own a pair of these?? The isolation protocols have seen a huge amount of young guns try their hand on the decks and hopefully when we exit Isolation we will have a whole bunch of new music to listen to! If you have purchased a new set of decks or any other DJ equipment, do yourself a favour and grab a set of headphones that will be an essential part of your kit for years to come.

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Studio Monitors - Powered speakers that are made for listening to music up close and in detail


The studio monitor market has gone wild during isolation and many top level manufacturers have run out of stock Including JBL. Luckily for you we stocked up BIG TIME and have lots of these babies left. A strong contender for best 5 inch monitor on the market the LSR MKII series in general is everything you could ever need from a set of home monitors. Backed up by JBL's 5 year warranty you really just cannot go wrong. We also have heaps of 6 inch and 8 inch JBL monitors available too.

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2. The Presonus Eris 5 XT

With lots of brands out of stock we are finally able to scream loudly about one of our favourite products in the shop. The Eris series got updated recently to also feature EBM (Elliptical Boundary Modeled) and just when we thought our little 5 inch friend couldn't sound any better, well it did. Complete with woven composite speaker cones and 1" silk-home HF driver these will never let you down.

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Other handy gadgets and studio accessories

1. Rode Wireless Go

I don't think any of us realised how cool this was when it first came out. Two little clips, one for you and one for your audio capturing device, and Voila! Wireless audio transmission. This set is compact, reliable and affordable. Perfect for Youtubers, Teachers and anyone producing online video content.

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2. Behringer Powerplay P1 In-Ear Monitor

Another product that has been very handy and popular during this period is this little personal monitor amp from Behringer. Take control back of your mix and finally hear what you are doing properly. Very affordable and easy to use and I am told extremely popular for iso-jams!

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3. PreSonus ATOM Pad Controller

This thing is hands down the most versatile and enjoyable piece of production kit we have seen in ages. Simply plug it in and start making beats! Easy to use with Studio One, Ableton, Garageband logic and the rest, if you have every fancied yourself a producer- give this a go!

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