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If you are new to Universal Audio and why they build their interfaces the way they do, check out this video we created last week when Ichi from Universal Audio's HQ came to visit us. In just a few minutes you will discover just how far the rabbit hole really goes and yup, it's pretty deep!


At first glance you may dismiss the Universal Audio Apollo Series as as just another Interface, but no, they are more than that, much much more! With UAD Duo and Quad processors packed inside, UA Apollo and Arrow deliver in so many ways.

In most modern day recording studios, your laptop or computer is central to delivering you a seamless workflow - taking all of the burden of processing power to record, effect, process and create your compositions. Universal Audio have developed a way to alleviate your computer's pain by adding high speed processing potential, right inside their Interfaces.

That's right, from Arrow, right up to the large rack-mounted Apollo, every Universal Audio interface is packed with UAD Powered Plugins, enabling no-latency processing to happen outside your computer, giving you a cleaner and seamless experience.

This means that while your computer gets bogged down with life admin - anything from web browsing and email, through to file sharing and fragmented hard drives is removed from your audio composition process and the power of this can not be understated.

The Universal Audio collection is ready to grow as you are! All of the Arrow and Apollo interfaces can be chained together so you can increase your processing power as well as your I/O possibilities. This means that you can add to your UAD setup as you go, rather than purchasing one item now and needing a whole new setup in a few years.

All of the desktop interfaces are powerful, but also extremely compact, so you can easily pick up and pack away even the new Apollo x4 and take it wherever inspiration takes you. With the power of a top-end studio in the bottom of your bag, the Universal Audio Interfaces are here and ready to take all your recordings to a whole new level.

Universal Audio Apollo was introduced in 2012 and instantly became an award winning piece of genius, used to record many incredible albums from everyone from to Kendrick Lamar to Coldplay, Dr Dre and many others.

And now, it's time to enjoy X!

Universal Audio recently released two new models in the Apollo Series - Apollo Twin X Duo and Apollo Twin X Quad. Both boxes offer 10 ins/6 outs, realtime UAD processing, 2 Unison Preamps, elite A/D and D/A conversion, built in talkback mic and Thunderbolt 3 connection. With a suite of plugin's the Twin X packed with either Duo or Quad processors are ready to speed up your process, expand your imagination time and capture every moment in it's most pure state!

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