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Like the anticipation of waiting for your favourite band or moment in time, we have all been desperate to get our hands on the 2019 range of Schecter Shredding machines that have landed at Macron Music. Ready to find a sinister home in your studio, on your stage or simply in your sublime shred ready hands, the lineup includes the Reaper, SLS Elite Evil Twin, Nick Johnston and C-6 Pro.

As an added bonus right now, Macron are also giving you a D'Addario Guitar Maintenance Kit, valued at $139 with ALL of these guitars. Offer limited, so get in quick before stock runs out!

Lets take a closer look at the new lineup...

C-6 Pro

The C-6 Pro is the shapely foundation for not only the C-6 range, but the Reaper models also. The C-6 is the traditional, gloss finished body and shape known and loved by Schecter Shredders everywhere. Featuring high quality specs and your choice of Floyd Rose or Schecter Diamond Decimator pickups, the C-6 series guitars are easy to play and are available in a range of eye bleeding colour combinations. The Schecter Floyd Rose Pickups are designed in partnership, not as a licensed add on. This means that the pickups are specifically designed to give you the ultimate sound on your Schecter Guitar. If you are looking for a high quality guitar without the eye watering pricetag, the C-6 could be your perfect answer! 


Inspired by the look and colours found in Custom Shop models, the Reaper is modern, sleek and right on the knifes edge of 2019 design and aesthetics. Based on the incredible C-6 shape, Reaper models have an ultra thin neck and the curved and contoured body provides ultimate comfort suitable for all levels of shred master. The Decimator pickups provide the ability to create face ripping solo's and the poplar burl tops provide a unique and spectacular visual aspect to your performance.

SLS Elite Evil Twin

Korean made with high spec components, the SLS Elite Evil Twin Series are as Metal as Metal itself! Black on black on black is the new Black... The SLS Evil Twin guitars are made to play and play with ease. Featuring stainless steel frets and glow in the dark side dots and ebony fretboard, its fast, responds well to your strings and personify quality darkness in every way. With options for right and left handed shredding, there is no excuse.

Nick Johnston

Canadian musician, composer and guitar designer - Nick Johnston is a name we all know and love. His emotional maturity when performing and creating music has seen his career explode over recent years and now in 2019 he has released an all new Guitar with Schecter - designed for shred loving substance and style. His Namesake guitar is a solidbody that creates the ultimate tone and resonance and being a solid alder body, is lightweight and easy to manipulate. This new creation also features roasted maple neck, ebony fingerboard and unique Nick Johnston Diamond single coil pickups so you can shred like nick does on this atomic green coloured beast.



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