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It may not be spring, but late last night, we were sprung to attention by a new release from Roland, just in time for the warm winter ahead. So, let us introduce you to the Roland HP700 Digital Piano Series.

Roland are known, loved and respected for their diverse range of quality digital Pianos. The newly announced HP700 series is set to replace the HP600 series that has been extremely popular over the past few years because they sound great, look great and really setup the student in your life with the best option for learning piano. In creating the HP700 series, Roland have developed added a host of improvements to bring to life your piano learning experience.

On the back of the newly released LX series last year, Roland have created the HP700 series in 2 variations - HP702 and HP704. There are multiple colour and finish options and the 704 Series even has a high quality Polished Ebony option for those that want their piano to really stand out.

Roland are dedicated to creating high-quality items at affordable prices. These are NOT cheaply made, designed and built, but they do offer students an option that would otherwise cost families way more than double to replicate in other, traditional Pianos. Plus, the HP 700 Series offers the advances in technology that make life incredible. Lets take a Look at the HP 700 Series.

Both the HP702 and HP704 feature 3D Ambience via your headphones. It may sound like a bunch of marketing jargon, but in essence, its an incredible feature that gives the user a better sense of space, rather than the direct monitoring normally found via a headphone output. By utilising this technology, the sound heard on headphones is much closer to the sound you would hear if you did not wear headphones, giving you better environment to practise and perform in the exact same manner. Both models feature Supernatural Piano Modelling, are stylish, expressive and offer an affordable option to bring a great sounding piano into any home or school. 

Roland HP702
Built with care and style, the HP702 features grand piano style PHA-4 Action so you can feel the keys, unlike so many digital keyboard/pianos on the market. The HP702 has designed for the household on a budget and showcases a superior option to what's already in the market. It has been developed on the HP603 that was discontinued last year and is expected by us to find many new homes in 2019.

Roland HP704
If you want a higher spec and featured Piano, the HP704 is a choice that you simply can't go past. The HP704 features the all-new PHA-50 Action which is the most realistic keybed we have seen on a digital Piano in this price range. The HP704 also features Bluetooth with bluetooth audio capabilities! This is not only convenient, but keeps your home free of cables. The 704 also has 4 built-in speakers so you get the ultimate acoustic resonance and matched with bigger amps and larger speakers ensures you always have enough power to bash out some Bach.

The HP704 provides a step up without going overboard on price. Designed for the more discerning player looking for a professional platform to practise and aim towards the higher AMEB grades. It is also a perfect instrument for schools, churches and any social halls.

To view our extensive HP700 Series Range, click here!

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