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From Feb 1 - Mar 31 2019, Macron has the perfect bonus for your professional QSC K.2 Sound System. Every K.2 Series speaker comes with a FREE custom fit Tote Bag, ready to protect and serve while your beloved PA sits quietly, waiting and wanting to be turned up, once again, to 11. 

When you decide to invest in world-class sound, the only thing next on your mind should be - How should I care for my QSC K.2 Series Speakers? QSC are known for their incredible sound and reliability. Professionals across the globe choose QSC K Series speakers, knowing that they are going to deliver a dynamic performance, night after night. 

K.2 Series speakers are self-powered. This means that they contain a built in amplifier, found in many of the popular modern PA systems. QSC deliver what is considered 'Best in class audio performance' that is a pure joy to listen to. Need lots of power? The K.2 Series features a 2000 W Class-D amplifier and built in sound tuning, so you can match your sound with your room and its acoustics. 

The K.2 is a professional series that will last you longer than you can imagine. My personal set of original K Series Speakers are still working as perfectly as the day I got them and still look stunning. After more than a decade of heavy use at gigs, I can not stress strongly enough how many times my investment in them has paid off... 

Perfect for installation, mobile gigs and portable PA uses, QSC stand behind the K.2 Series and offer a 6-Year Warranty when you register your products online.

The free tote bags have been designed to fit as snug as a bug in a rug - although its more more like safe as your bass in a case as they ensure that dust, water and scratches stay on the outside! 

Macron Music will deliver your FREE Tote bag with your K.2 speakers and we also have them in-store for our visiting customers.

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