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Gibson became one the world's greatest guitar companies by creating incredible instruments. From their no frills classic models and all those Gibson appointments we have grown to love, Gibson have endlessly reinvented a path of classic cool. While some mistakes were made under the previous leadership, Gibson has truely been on a path to redemption in the past 18 months and we are excited to introduce a whole new world of Gibson Guitars.

In their latest collection, we are seeing Gibson answering the call from their loyal legion of passionate fans. With so many questioning and offering opinions about what a TRUE Gibson should look, feel and sound; Gibson have responded with a range that holds true to this historic brands heritage and core values. 

The Les Paul Traditional series has been replaced by a collection of 50's and 60's style standards - with no weight relief - the way they were meant to be. They feel right.

They look right. You can always spot a Gibson on stage. Its shape, its shine, its colour! Gibson have a range of classic colours harping back to the history of the company and they look magnificent!

Plug in and turn it up and you will hear the difference in the Gibson sound thanks to decades of research, development and crafting of every individual material to ensure you get the ultimate sound from your guitar. They sound right.

Our new range in stock across our Victorian and NSW stores is more affordable than previous collections and features a simplified Collection Series so you can more easily find your style and sound.

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