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There is nothing quite like the sound, look and feel of a truly great acoustic drum kit. Fresh off the boat from the USA, the Gretsch Brooklyn Micro (as you will hear and see in our video above) is packed with the best components, while ingeniously taking up a lot less space. More the size of a Bop kit (but without any of its limitations), the Brooklyn Micro has a 16" Kick Drum and has been designed with ultimate tone in mind.

Macron Music has secured the ONLY available Gretsch Brooklyn Micro currently here in Australia and when unboxing and testing the kit yesterday, we were all wide-eyed and excited as our drum specialist Brin touched, tested and tuned it. Yes, you can tune this micro kit, giving you the versatility to tighten and snap out higher pitches, or loosen and boom the bass normally found in much larger kits. This is due to the 6 ply poplar/maple shell that gives the Brooklyn Micro a warm and articulate tone and with a removable bass drum riser, is adjustable for every drummers needs. 

This Micro kit will appeal to many different types of drummers - from those recording, playing live in a band or as the ultimate practise kit for schools or home. This is a kit for drummers who want the tone look and feel, without taking up all the space. 

The Gretsch Brooklyn Micro is the first of its kind and comes with the following components:

  • 12 x 16” Bass Drum
  • 7 x 10” Rack Tom
  • 12 x 13” Foor Tom
  • 4.5 x 13” Snare drum


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