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Fender is a leader in guitars that play well, sound awesome and make you feel in control. Anytime Fender release a new series, the excitement and anticipation is always turned up to 11 and right now we are riding yet another wave as Fender gets set to release the all new American Performer Series.

You don't need to be a rockstar to afford an American built Fender Guitar, but what you do get is a rock-star experience as these guitars are ready for anything. Hand-made in Corona California, Fenders American Performer Series replaces the American Special Series and does so with new tech, chassis shapes and colours. The range includes Jazzmasters, Mustangs and the Bass Mustangs, so there is a lot of choice available to customers looking to upgrade to a modern classic. 

Every guitar in the Performer range is fitted with newly re-designed Yosemite pickups that are coated in shellac, rather than wax - allowing the pole pieces to breathe. Also included are Greasebucket tone circuits and push pull options that open up many more tonal possibilities.

The modern neck has a 9.5 inch radius for maximum playability and this smaller radius makes it easy for people to fly up and down the guitar neck. This is a perfect Series for people looking for something in-between the Player and American Professional Series and are built to withstand the rigours of nightly gigs, rehearsals, touring and doing it all on a budget. 

Every guitar in the Performer series comes with a padded gig bag and the new colours such as Penny and the oddly name Aubergine are certainly going to steal customers gaze when you see them racked on the Macron wall!

Macron now has the full range of Performer Series Guitars available for Pre-Order. To view the entire list, please click here.

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