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Designed to be the all-in-one microphone of your dreams, the Aston Stealth is the latest incredible move forward for Aston and fore the entire recording community! The only thing that really seems unusual to me, is the fact that it's called Stealth, but you would have to be blind and technologically awkward not to notice this microphone in all its awesomeness.

So, where to begin? I guess we should start with the basics. Stealth features 4 sound settings - 2 for Vocals, 1 for guitars and a 4th setup like a traditional vintage ribbon mic. It features a host of world firsts including the very cool class A mic pre that automatically boots up when you feed it a phantom powered signal and switching between the 4 sound modes entails a series of cogs, notches and multiple circuit paths on the PCB to give you a clean, precise set of 4 microphones ready to tackle anything.

The 4 sound settings have been mapped and designed by more than 90 engineers and producers who supported development in a series of blind tests to capture the best sound options for Stealth. The first two settings are designed for vocals, and while voices all sound different, during the blind testing, the results were unanimous in favour of 1 for male and 1 for female voices, so Aston included both! 

The guitar setting was tested and designed to work with a huge range of guitars. In testing Aston used Spanish, distorted electric and 2 different types of acoustic guitars and in each of the tests, the included Guitar setting was chosen as the best setting for ALL the guitars tested.

Lastly, the Vintage Ribbon setting was designed for moody, dark, smooth recordings, perfect for Jazz, kick drums and so many other instruments.

Like all Aston products, this has been forged with the leadership of James Young, one of our favourite musical wizards and his team has included some beautiful hardware to ensure perfection of sound and reliability. It was built and designed in the UK and internal parts such as the shock mount has been designed like it deserves to be seen! Featuring a 250g counterweight, the shock-mount connects via 3 points only within the microphone and is perfectly designed for acoustics and suspension. 

We are at NAMM in just a few weeks to meet with James and have a look at the Stealth, good luck hiding this one from your loyal minions Aston!

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