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Ahhh, Christmas. That time of year where we eat too much, argue with family and buy crazy amounts of presents for everyone that we adore! Every year around Australia, many of us find ourselves paying for Christmas well into the new year and go into debt just so we can buy all the presents and items we need to make it a fantastic holiday.

But wait - there is a better and cheaper option!

Here at Macron, we have teamed up with our friends at Afterpay to remind you of a solution that will still give you everything you want this December, but none of the debt and credit interest you normally face in January!

Macron Music has proudly been supporting Afterpay since forever! We were the first Music Store to enable customers to use the Afterpay system to purchase, take home and pay off their items over an 8 week period. Its kind of like Lay-by, but not really, as you get to take home and use your instrument before its fully paid for. This service is completely free - no interest, no monthly account fees, nothing. Simply pay off your item in 4 easy payments over 8 weeks and you are done!

If you are thinking about a musical gift this Christmas then now is the time to jump in and secure your items and pay them all off - without interest. We offer Afterpay on items under $1000 and the whole system is done online as you make your purchase. We have no input on their approval procedure so if you have never ordered and paid with Afterpay before, it is likely they will only approve you for a smaller purchase - giving you the chance to show that you can pay off the debt without any stress before letting you purchase up to the full $1000 limit.

Lets have a look at a few examples from our catalogue of thousands of products.

Got a family member looking to learn guitar in 2019? You could set them up with the Fender Squier Affinity Strat HSS Pack, including guitar, amp, strings, strap and cable which has a price tag of $499. If you purchase with Afterpay, you will simply make 4 repayments of $124.75 over an 8 week period and boom... That $500 guitar suddenly looks a lot more accessible!

What about your tech conscious kids? Set them up with the brand new PreSonus Studio 2|4 - A great USB-C Audio/MIDI Interface giving your music conscious loved one the perfect way to record audio directly into a computer or laptop. While the current price is $199, Afterpay lets you pay just $49.75 a fortnight for 8 weeks.

Afterpay gives you the chance to make your purchasing fit in with your pay cycle, so no longer do you have to wait and save, you can save now and get all the benefits of a cash sale without forking out all the money upfront or for interest or monthly memberships... Genius!

If you have any questions about how Afterpay can help make your Christmas dreams come true, simply visit any of the products under $1000 on our site to view Afterpay prices, or visit our Afterpay Page for a more detailed explanation of their service at Macron Music.

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