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With a proud history in creating the world's most beautiful microphones and studio equipment, Neumann Microphones have arrived at Macron Music.

Hailing from Berlin - home of some of the most exquisite audio brands ever created, Neumann has been at the go-to choice for recording professionals since its inception in 1928 when Georg Neumann simultaneously created and started selling phonograph record-cutting machines and rechargeable batteries. After more than 60 years, Neumann joined the Sennheiser group in 1991, further giving it the ability to remain as a top tier option for recording professionals.

We have been in discussions with Neumann for a while now and we are excited by what they offer our customers who require an effortless result thanks to the multitudes of ingenious inclusions in the Neumann range and the absolute incredible results that thousands of professional studios, producers and recording artists rely on every day.

In stock now, we have a range of Neumann Microphones and studio monitors, perfect for the home recording artist looking for the best results. Contact us today if you have any questions, or view our entire range of Neumann by clicking here.

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