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A stunning continuation of the hugely popular Player Series instruments from Fender…


Player Plus builds upon the no-nonsense foundation of Player Series


By Kim Thair


Since their release in 2018, I’ve contended that the Player Series guitars and basses boast a “best-in-class” blend of versatility, iconicism and consistency. This results in a range of instruments that will be a trusted voice in bedrooms, studios and on stages for years to come.

Player Plus builds upon the no-nonsense foundation of Player Series, adding some welcome appointments that help you spend less time with tech headaches and more time creating. These features include:

  • Rolled fingerboard edges
  • Locking machine heads
  • Block steel saddles
  • Player Plus Noiseless pickups


We recently had the pleasure of taking our first delivery of these wonderful guitars. All but one were pre-sold; I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Player Plus Telecaster in Aged Candy Apple Red.

Wow! After you’ve unboxed a few thousand guitars, you can often get an idea of a guitar’s quality the instant you grab the neck (whilst still in the box). This was one of those instances where you turn to your colleague and say, “Yeah, this one’s nice!”

The rolled fingerboard edges ooze quality, and add to the comfortable playability provided by the Modern “C” shape neck profile and the 12” fingerboard radius. There’s enough sparkle in the Player Plus Noiseless Tele pickups for your dreamy cleans but they also maintain enough body for heavily overdriven passages and wait - what’s that you hear? No buzzing! (edit: if there is then you should contact us about buying a new power supply

The block steel saddles add a zingy attack to the tone and offer rock-solid tuning stability in partnership with the locking machine heads. Pulling on the tone knob will also send your tone to harmonic heaven, switching the two pickups to be wired in series - like a widely-spaced humbucker! The Aged Candy Apple Red finish is delectably classy and reminds me of my Fender Custom Shop Strat in Faded Candy Apple Red. The Player Plus finishes are fantastic - the tried-and-true option of 3-Colour-Sunburst is available, alongside this Aged Candy Apple and a delightfully dazzling Cosmic Jade. The somewhat mystifying Silver Smoke finish also makes an appearance!


Ever thought of buying a Mexican Standard or Player Tele and upgrading the parts? Many have spent a few hundred, even thousands of dollars on hot-rodding these instruments. No longer is there a need to wait for installation of parts or wonder if you’re voiding your warranty; the folks at Fender have invested the money, mistakes and stress in the R&D of the Player Plus Tele, so that you don’t have to! For less than $500 more than a Player Series instrument, you can own a premium-feeling Tele that both looks and sounds the part.

This article was written by Kim who works at the Victorian store, for more info or to chat to Kim email him at 

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