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The Boss HM2 is Back!

The Boss HM2W has finally been reissued by Boss and we couldn't be more excited (why oh why did I sell my original one all those years ago?) The most famous and formidable heavy metal pedal ever created, the HM2 paved the way through the 90s in European Metal tones and has been a sort after vintage boss pedal ever since. With originals now fetching upwards of $500 online it is a timely announcement from our Friends at Boss that their Japanese Waza range will now incorporate the HM2.

The HM2 was produced by Boss Japan from 1983 to 1991, and is recognised for its “chainsaw tone” derived from maxing out all the knobs and just going for it! After years of requests from hardcore HM-2 fans, the iconic stomp is now reborn three decades later in a special Waza Craft edition. The HM-2W delivers the authentic analog sound of the original in all its glory, coupled with lots of modern refinements for enhanced performance

The HM-2 was one of the first “amp in a box” pedals ever, using an innovative BOSS circuit to replicate the sound of early ’80s British stack amps. This is something that is common among pedal makers today and we can't help but wonder what the world would have done without this idea from Boss. Near the end of the HM2 production run, seminal Swedish death metal bands adopted the pedal for their primary guitar tones, and its uniquely aggressive sound and focused midrange became highly sought after by a new generation of players.

Pre order your HM2W for delivery in August now!

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